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Over the past 30 years I have helped many people make sense of the situations they are facing when there seems no light at the end of the tunnel as a Spiritual mentor and Life coach. I use my wide range of skills to support each person on an individual basis through personal sessions and my appearances on CTV's Canterbury Live show, as their Spiritual Life Coach.

I am passionate about each individual achieving the very best from their life experience and offer a wide range of teachings, workshops and webinars to help everyone on their own Ascension path.

We are in a dynamic time of rapid change tour beliefs, self-awareness and connection to the etheric dimensions. Open yourself up to the light and see what the universe has to offer!

Gifted with clair audience skill from an early age, I have developed and invested in my natural abilities by adding many healing tools to my skill base which I use to help my clients come to terms with what is happening in their lives.

Over the past 30 years I have taken my skills as a trained training officer and applied these skills in the development of the course curriculum. Each module within the academy has been tried and tested by me with student here in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

Many of the students have applied their new skills and gone onto run successful part time or full time businesses following their passion.



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Crystal Healing certificate weekend course

One of my most popular courses, the Crystal Healing Certificate course will take you on a step by step journey on how to use crystals in a healing clinic, around the home and with everyday life situations. Starting with an introduction eveing and meditation you will connect to your healing kit and new crystal healing guide, we will then spend the weekend taking a deep look at crystal healing and how it works.

Over the weekend you will learn how to cleans, program and give a healing with the 12 stone healing kit included in the course. One of the benefits of being on the class is the weekly crystal healings and the personal tuition from myself. Over the weekend you will experience giving and receiving crystal healings, how to give an intuitive healing and keep client records.

The course fee includes a full healing manual, 12 stone healing crystal kit and 12 healing grids, plus client consultation sheets, everything you need to start your healing practice.

This is a popular course, so booking is essential - to book you place email or book online.

Date 3rd - 5th February 2017

Venue 631 Shands Road Christchurch

Time 7.30pm 3rd introduction evening

         10am - 4pm 4th and 5th 

Course fee $360


Monthly Meditation - Abundance and Prosperity

This month we are looking at our belief's we hold around these to topics and how change our mind set to a new set of values so we can step into the Law of Flow.

Date 25th Novemer 2016

Time 7.30pm

Venue 631 Shands Road Christchurch

Cost $30

To attend email on

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Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate

A follow on from the basic Crystal Healing Certificate course, we explore how to use crystals in many different ways to give effective healings to your clients and yourself. During the 9 week evening class we will cover the following aspects:

Expand your crystal healing skills with this next step as an Advanced Crystal Healer.
On this course you will be taught how to create crystal room sprays, meditation within a healing session, crystal massage and much more complex healing grids.!
At this level you will receive 6 fine pointed clear quartz crystals, herkimer diamond, 1 double point quartz and a celestite stone.
This is a fun and deeply healing course with plenty of opportunities to explore your new healing gifts.
The course comes with a full healing manual, your crystal kit, certificate and personal tuition.
Date - 21 st February 2017 - 9 evening classes
Time -  7.30pm
Venue -  631 Shands Road Christchurch
Coruse fee - $445, can be paid weekly in class
Due to demand, booking is essential - email on or 

The Phoenix Light Foundation - Reiki Academy Classes

Reiki 1 attunement class - 3rd December 2016

Join me in the frist steps to self healing and changing the physical world around you. During the class you will be guided through how to channel Reiki energy, give a Reiki healing and apply Reiki to every aspect of your life.

Reiki 2 attunement class - 12th November 2016

This next step in your Reiki training will enhance your healing skills by using the Reiki healing symbols. You will healing the emotional and mental aspects of your life and taking your healing skills to a deeper level.

Reiki 3 attunement class - 4th February 2017

Becoming a master of your emotions, this level of Reiki will give you the skill to ensure you are living in your bliss. You will be taught how to use the Reiki Master symbol within a healing session. 

Reiki Master Teacher  - 15th April 2017

The ultimate level of Reiki in which you are taught how to give Reiki attunements to your students, compose your Reiki manuals and how to run successful Reiki workshops. This teacher program can take upto 18 months to fully integrate the full attunement system, you will be invigted onto Phyllis Brown attunement classes so you can be present during the attunement process, teach to students and develop your own Reiki manuals.


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