What Is The Lightworkers Hub?


Are you an alternative practitioner?

Are you looking to promote your work and become part of a like-minded community?

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring together a talented community of Esoteric and Metaphysical course facilitators across the globe. The high quality of training and teaching products we offer ensure that high standards and consistency are met on an individual basis.

Who are The Phoenix Light Foundation?

It is an organization which offers various teaching courses designed to inspire those who are on the path to spiritual enlightenment. Through our extensive program we offer courses at the student level and Course Facilitator in each product.

Members of TPLF Lightworkers Hub and Online Hosting

Automatic inclusion to our online Light Hub will ensure global exposure to a client base who will recognize your status within The Phoenix Light Foundation through the Bronze, Silver and Gold merit system.

Your initial Light Hub fee is included in your iFacilitate course fee, then an annual fee of $250 will be due to secure you place within the Light Hub providing ongoing support, webinars and course updates.

Qualities check list

are you:

  • Highly motivated individual
  • Confident in communication skills
  • Passionate about starting your own esoteric-based business
  • Willing to push personal boundaries
  • Feel confident in leading people into a new and rewarding way of living


The aim of The Phoenix Light Foundation is to equip students with the skills, knowledge and support on how to run a workshop/training course. Once qualified, there are no limits as a facilitator on what courses you would like to teach as part of your business.

In order to maintain the highest standards within the Foundation, regular attendance to training webinars and yearly Trainer refresher events is essential to your growth and keeping up to date with the direction of the teaching modules.