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We have a passionate team of course Teachers who are fully qualifed within a specific stream of educations. They will be offering courses in your area giving you the very best experience of spiritual enlightenment when attending one of their courses.

 Course Key - 

TPLF - Qualifed course teacher in chosen module

PB - Trained as a practitioner and certificated by Phyllis Brown


Qualifed Teachers

New Zealand


Phyllis Brown Assoc CIPD

Founder of The Phoenix Light Foundations


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Master Teacher in all educations streams

I class myself as an “Intuitive”, using my skills to help people make sense of the situations they are facing when there seems no light at the end of the tunnel.

Through my personal soul readings, workshops and courses, I have supported many people in gaining a better understanding of who they are and what life has to offer. I started my career as a training officer within a large national cancer charity in the UK. My remit was wide and varied, developing training programs for the volunteers, shop management, area management and senior regional staff.

I qualified with the Chartered Institute of Personal Development in 2000 and became a Chartered member in 2007. Being part of the CIPD keeps my skills current in training practices and changes within the HR and L&D arena and gives me broad access to a large number of resources I can utilise within my professional business. 

In 2004 I started my own business, incorporating my professional skills with my passion for esoteric and metaphysical studies. Over the past 20 years I have developed a number of education streams, products and courses, teaching many students worldwide.


Leanne Malloch

Souls journey teacher - PLF
Psychic development teacher - PLF

I am an artist, an art instructor and a group facilitator.

I love teaching people of all ages.

Since a young age I have been tapping into my creative energies through painting , drawing etc. Focusing on my passion was my intuitive way to stay balanced and happy while circumstances around me were at times challenging and unstable. I always had a sense of knowing that my lifelong skill would assist me through out my life.
In my 40’s I had therapy and discovered Reiki. I started to see life from a new perspective and “real” changes started to manifest.  I over came many obstacles and have found my life experiences and lessons  have assisted me realising my purpose and my true potential of helping others with empathy and compassion.

The aim of the Soul Journey is to help you discover your purpose and discover your own inner wisdom, by reaching inside yourself to find your answers to your life. The Soul Journey is about supporting personal growth and expressing from the heart in a creative way. It is a wonderful way to connect with oneself and others.

The Soul Journey can change your consciousness and allow you to see your life as a gift.

Mel Kime


Reiki master teacher -PB
Souls journey teacher - PLF
Advanced Crystal healing practitioner- PB
Advanced Acturian light healing practitioner- PB


Sandra McAlpine


Psychic Development Teacher – PLF

Reiki Master Teacher - PB

Sandra was born in Christchurch and has two older sisters, three adult children and five wonderful grandchildren.

Sandra lives at The Sanctuary, Fernside (near Rangiora in North Canterbury, New Zealand) with her partner, Jonny. The Sanctuary, Fernside is a ten acre property where sanctuary is offered to many beings, including those who come for assistance to gain clarity, health, harmony and wellbeing in their lives. The Sanctuary includes acres of beautiful gardens and ponds and a renovated shearing shed which has become The Sharing Shed which is able to facilitate classes and events aligned with a healing and higher purpose. The Sharing Shed also holds a seven circuit labyrinth available for the use of those that come.

Sandra is proud to be associated with the Phoenix Light Foundation and to be a trained facilitator in the highly respected courses that are offered.

Classes are available for Reiki levels 1, 2, 3 and Master & Teaching training. Psychic Development classes, Meditation Groups and Sharing circles are also offered, as is a mobile service where Sandra is available to go into a workplace or home and hold classes or meditation groups there. These are available upon request.

Perth Australia


Stacey Clark

Soul Journey Traine - TPLF

Reiki Master Practitioner - PB

Reiki master teacher -PB

Basic and Advanced Crystal healing practitioner- PB
Absic and Advanced Acturian light healing practitioner- PB


Become A Teacher- Qualities Checklist

Are you:

  • Highly motivated individual
  • Confident in communication skills
  • Passionate about starting your own esoteric-based business
  • Willing to push personal boundaries
  • Feel confident in leading people into a new and rewarding way of living

Our online program offers practical advice, compressive skills and tools to alternative practitioners to run successful tried and tested products and courses developed by Phyllis Brown.

Once qualified, there are no limits as a facilitator on what courses you would like to teach as part of your business.

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