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Sacred Path Course

The aim of the course is to give you a deep understanding of the Native American belief system in their connection to mother nature and the physical path we take in this life time. The Red Road is your life path, it is a record of every event and challenge you have progressed through. Throughout the course you will gain and understanding of 10 Clan Chiefs and their deeds on that marked a change in history. You will be able to recognise where you are on the medicine wheel of life and the wisdom that waits for you in mother nature. 

Why study the sacred path course?

Being connected to mother earth and all her bounty sometime eludes us. We get wrapped up in day to day life and miss the messages and signs we need to heal and move effortlessly along our life path. If you have a deep connection to the Native American culture this course will expand on that and give you a real soul connection to the history and shamanic healing process.

Recommended preparations

An awareness of shamanic healing processed is helpful but not necessary. An awareness of sacred items used by the Native Americans in ceremony and healing is also helpful

You will receive:

  • 78 page course manual containing 13 modules 
  • Each module contains Assignments on the module to check your understanding
  • weekly meditations
  • Certification of attendance once the course assignments have been completed and assessed
  • Develop an understanding of what your life path is about
  • How to clear you energy from old belief systems
  • Collect and understand objects that support your energy
  • Create and make your own medicine bundle
  • Design and display your own painted face art work
  • Manifest the life you want to create with the Kokopeli
  • Develop a deep understanding of the ways of the Shaman and the Native American people

Career opportunities - Sared Path Teacher

If you have a keen interest in helping people come to terms with life's challenges, becoming a Sacred Path teacher can be hugly rewarding. There are many tools within the course that will open your student up to a new understanding of their connection to the universe and their soul journey.


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