Tarot 101 Course

The aim of the course is to give you an overview and understanding of the origins of Tarot, how to read tarot cards intuitively and develop a feel for what deck of cards would suit you. This course is laid out in such a way you that by the end of the course you will know how to perform different layouts when reading Tarot cards, how to read multiple cards in a spread, the ethics that goes with being a Tarot card reader and a stronger connection to your clair sense.

Why study Tarot?

By studying tarot on an indepth level you will develop a real connection to the beauty of the cards and the hidden meanings of each card image. Our aim is to give you a the skills need to give an intiuitive reading, learn how to meditate with the cards and possible develop reading the cards as part of your intitive based business.

Recomended Preparations

Having an understanding of what Tarot card are is helpful also having attending the Psychic Development course will give you an overview of how to read cards and their uses.

You will receive:

  • 44 page course manual containing 5 modules 
  • Each module contains Assignments on the module to check your understanding
  • Certification of attendance once the course assignments have been completed and assessed
  • Understand the history of Tarot
  • Learn about the Major and Minor Arcana
  • Tarot card spreads
  • How to read multi card spreads
  • How to give a reading to a client
  • Meditation with the Tarot as a daily exercise
  • Developing your intuitive skills
  • Reading the cards intuitively
  • Client ethics when giving a reading              

Career opportunites - Tarot Card reader

Becoming a Tarot card reader is possible through practice and dedication to the art. If you are already in working within the complimentary healing field, you can offer this service to your existing client base. 

These courses can be found in the online courses on phyllisbrown.co.nz or you can participate in classes run by Phyllis in Christchurch New Zealand or Melbourne Australia

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