Crystal Healing Stream

Crysal Healing stream

The art of working with crystals for their healing properties, have been well documented throughout time. This education stream is designed to help you gain a deep understand of how to work with crystals in a healing session, the qualities of crystals and how to develop a safe crystal healing practice. The step by step course will allow you to build a working knowledge of how to get the best from yoru crytals in a healing situation as well as prepair you for your customers and how to cater for their needs in a healing situation.

As you progress through the 2 courses availabel her in The Phoenix Light Foundation. The basic course Crystal healing 101, gives you the foundation to a safe and methodical use of crytals in a healing, while Crystal healing 201, builds on the knowledge gained at the foundation level. By the end of Crystal healing 201 you will be well versed in taking clients into a healing meditation with crystals, making room sprays and gem essences as well as more complex healing grids.

Upcoming Crystal Healing Courses