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Why esoteric and metaphysical studies?

Over the past 15 years Phyllis Brown and her work has grown organically according to her students needs. This change in consciousness has come about through greater awareness of the concept of ancient practices, the growth within the Body, Mind and Spirit tools available to the public as well as people now looking to support their own conscious awareness.

Education Course Streams

Our education courses are grouped into 5 main categories that can be interlinked together while still having relevance as a standalone product. Each stream builds up a level of awareness that offer a continual growth process for the student and an opportunity for those who wish to teach these products.


Check Out Our Streams Below;

Ascension Stream


Ascension with the Masters


Soul Healing Stream

A Soul's Journey

Sacred Path


Divination Stream

Psychic Development course

Tarot card reading 101


Crystal Healing Stream

Crystal healing 101

Advanced Crystal healing 201


Arcturian Light Healing Stream

Arcturian Light Healing 101

Advanced Arcturian Light Healing 201


From Student to Teacher

One of our key focuses is to help students who are truly inspired by our courses to make the transition to Teacher as easy as possible. Many of our students while studying our courses find that they are drive to make huge changes in their lives, and for some this might include help other people who like them and on their spiritual awakening.

Transitioning from student to teacher has been made easy with our inhouse Teacher Training program. Each education stream and the course material offered within each stream has its own teacher training program.

You will be guided on how to teach your chosen product, as well as how to build a successful business and open yourself up to new career opportunities.

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Study advice and planning

TPLF is here to help you make an informed decision about what qualification might be right for you, or which courses to take. Contact us today.

Graduate certificates

Upon completion of your course you will receive a certificate of attendance. Teacher certificates will be given once successful completion of Teacher Training has been accomplished, thus allowing you to teach our chosen product.