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Letting go!

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So what was last week all about?

Karmic ties was a biggie for me and the cutting of said ties, but what does that mean exactly......."cutting ties"

For me it was the positive end to negative situations, seeing people or situation and feeling no emotions, standing up for what was right and again feeling no emotion. What do I mean by "no emotion"? not feeling the negative stuff, rather feeling at peace with myself and the situation.

When we listen to our emotions it will tell us exactly where we are in terms of dealing with difficult issues. Feeling vulnerable, guilty, angry, resentment, embarrassed - the list goes on!!  All of these emotions or feelings indicate that we need to work on the issues in front of us, heal it  and once we have done  this we can move on.

In my Reiki 2 attunement class this week we talked about the 6 steps on the  path to releasing pain -

1 - Acknowledgement

2 - Owning

3 - Immerse

4 - Loving it

5 - Release

6 - Free

Powerful stuff when used with no judgement, honesty and integrity.......Have a go and see how you get on.

A time to heal it would seem, great opportunity for you to look at stuff before the Christmas arrives.

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