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Advanced Crystal Healing Teacher Certificate - 6 day course January 2018

New for 2018 - 6 day Advanced Crystal Healing Teacher Certificate course starting in January 2018.


March - 15th, 22nd and 29th

April - 5th, 12th and 19th 

 Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate Practitioner Course


I am delighted that you have taken this next step in your crystal healing journey. I know you will gain immense pleasure from learning how to use your crystal within in healing session on a much deeper level. To take yourself or a client  onto the next level within a crystal healing will unlock those stored memories ready for release, it will improve the physical vibration and feeling of well being.


From one passionate crystal enthusiast to another, enjoy the journey.


Phyllis Brown Assoc CIPD


Founder and Dean of The Phoenix Light Foundation


Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate Practitioner Course


The aim of the course is to give you knowledge of advanced healing techniques with crystals.  Through our in depth teaching manual,  assignments and quizzes, you will gain an understanding of how to create gem and water essences, how to create complex healing crystals grids, as well as using crystals in a healing meditations. You will also look at the eastern interpretations of the body and what is is showing you as a healer as well as touching on the topic of the meridian system.


For more information and to book email info@thephoenixlightfoundation.co.nz

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